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I would definitely recommend visiting The Mystery Chest and having a reading with Bev. I have been to see Bev on two occasions, the first was a couple of years ago and the second was in August. Both times, I was impressed with how accurate the reading was and the things she picked up on. I found it very interesting but most important to me was it gave me a real sense of hope for my future (I think this was further strengthened by how accurate she was with what was happening in my life at the time). I found Bev to be warm and personable, I felt comfortable to be with her and I can’t thank her enough.

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  1. Tarot Reading
    30 minutes - £25 1 hour - £42.00
  2. Angel Reading
    30 minutes - £25
  3. Medium Readings
  4. Share and Save 30 min reading for you and a friend.
    30 mins £20.00
  5. Photo Readings
  6. Over The Phone
    30 minutes - £30
  7. Group Readings
    At Home, minimum of 5 people and a maximum of 10. £20 for 20 minutes p.p

Ribbon Reading with Caroline, a unique and wonderful way to give you a psychic reading.
£30.00 for 40 mins 
or how about a group reading:- minium of 2 hours at £42.00 per hour plus £10.00 traveling expense if outside of Harlow
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  1. Reiki
    1 hour £30
  2. Rahanni
    1 hour £30
  3. Reikara
    1 hour £30
  4. Heavenly Earth
    1 hour £30
  5. Crystal Healing
    30 mins. £20
Exclusive to The Mystery Chest Ltd is the incredibly powerful combination of Reikara and the  SAD LAMP (Seasonal Affected Disorder) Contact us

One hour session is £45.00

Kara is our Reikara Master Contact us


Or shold the title read INTUITION lol, anyway we do various workshops and courses, with new ones being added all of the time.  Our latest new one is going to be held over the weekend of  1st and 2nd Sept 2018 and it's called The Boy in Blue, this workshop is to help you distringuish between the psychic energy and mediumship energy.  it is £50.00 for Sat and £50.00 for Sunday but if you come to both days it is £95.00.
We also do workshops for ribbon reading
Every year for the past five years we have held an Open Weekend which is FREE, very interactive and fun.  We will show you how to cleanse, chose andfeel the energies of crystals,see your aura, psychic demonstartions and ribbon reading demonstrations.  This year i is being held on 28th and 29th April.  Go to the Contact us page if you wish to come along and let us know.  Like I said its all free and fun.
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